AMFORI (BSCI) Compliant member since 2012


Amfori - BSCI strives for the rights of workers and compliance with certain regulations which contribute to the quality of work.

As a proud Amfori - BSCI member, Flameclub Europe is very keen to promote dialogue between governments, companies, trade unions and employees. This includes the regular monitoring of compliance with these social standards by manufacturers by independent auditors. Through our membership, Flameclub Europe is part of a large association of companies, which works for the workforce in many countries striving for the same goal and social work ethics.  

    • Business Social Compliant Institute

    • All lighters are manufactured according international standards

    • Flameclub considers responsible practices a natural part of its business. 
    • Workplace conditions, environment and fair trade are regarded critically within Flameclub.

    • As part of our commitment to behave responsibly, we invest time and resources in ensuring that our operations meet stringent environmental standards and that we use environmental resources in the most efficient way possible. 
    • Respect, integrity and sustainability as focal points.


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