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Zengaz, #NeverBurnOut


Zengaz is an international brand of jet lighters and torches, currently spread across 6 continents, 40+ countries and partnered with many multinationals and leading modern trade / supermarket chains. It was also selected by the FIFA World Cup 2018 as the exclusive supplier of souvenir lighters & torches in all CIS countries.

Zengaz products come with a windproof jet flame, a soft rubberized texture and a wide selection of vibrant colors & distinctive designs that are constantly refreshed (as well as fully customizable). In order to minimize plastic waste, all the lighters and torches are refillable.

Flameclub, #it's your lighter


Flameclub is an international brand that offers a wide variety of household lighters for daily use.

In Europe we distribute our lighters through a European network of partners in many fields of distribution such as Supermarkets, DIY, Tobacco trade, Promotional and Wholesale. With our long history in the lighter industry we have gained a big expertise to help you find the right solution for your lighter needs.

Let us know how we can help you find the lighter product that will fit your needs. Standard stock product or tailor made, we can do it all, just ask us.